Wine Coolers and Cramped Spaces – Down to 23

1994In my very late teens after graduation, I had two chicas that I were constants in my life. Blondie and I had met on the business high school and I met Kinky though Blondie.  By the way, I have changed their names to protect the innocent.  The funny part of that whole statement is that none of us were very innocent.  Blondie offered to let me come live with her in her very small one bedroom apartment.  And then Kinky was there all the time, too.  That means 3 late teen girls were living together in an apartment a little over 500 sqft. with a single bathroom.  We were all broke all the time and still managed to go out and have fun on a regular basis.  Blondie worked at Chili’s, so we got a discount to eat there and I was all good with eating mac and cheese made with water instead of milk and tuna fish.  Kinky was a genius with a make-up brush and taught me some tricks that I use to this day.  There was drama and laughter and good times and crazy times.  We watched each other deal with boyfriends and family issues and always had one another’s back. 

To this day, I still can’t tell you how we pulled it off, but we went to whatever club or bar we wanted to and always manged to find a party.  And then we always got home in one piece.  We never let each other leave with a person we didn’t know or lose track of each other.  We created a bond that I thought back then was pretty damn cool.  Little did I know that it would hold strong despite where we each ended up.

Kinky eventually left San Antonio and moved up north to Chicago.  I had planned on joining her, but God had a different plan and it included my surprise pregnancy.  She met someone got married and then moved back and then got divorced and moved away again and ended up in Jersey.  She then met her other half and they had a mini version of her and they married and have had another.  Blondie has stayed closer to home most of the years.  She married someone 10 years her senior that she met in the midst of our party days and she settled down and got married.  They then had a super handsome son and now her life is really about to change because she is on the verge of divorce after being married well over a decade.  Through all the ups and downs and miles in between, we always find each other when it matters the most.  There are 2 things I know in my heart of hearts about both of them, they have always been straight talkers to me and if I decide to start dancing on an empty dance floor, they won’t question my sanity and they might even join me.  Love you ladies but the phrase crazy bitches is probably more what you would expect hear – so Love You Crazy Bitches. 

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