So This Is 40

IMG_0798.JPGToday I turn 40. There will be no big bash or crazy partying going on, which for me is the opposite of how I usually celebrate my birthday. In the past, the month of February is all mine. I make plans for lunch and coffee and drinks with different friends and celebrate all month long. But this year is different. I spent the weekend with my guys and did a college campus preview weekend and then just chilled at the beach with wonderful friends. As for today, I will be going to the Rodeo tonight and seeing Reba and then home. A low key kind of night. Why is this year so different?

I think it’s just that am embracing some of the simpler things that bring me happiness in my heart. Here are some of the things that make my happy:
1. A venti americano with some agave and coconut milk or a great vodka with tonic and double twist or lime or a beautiful Pinto Noir.
2. Just being with my besties. Nothing big or amazing. Just to be with them and do nothing and be comfortable in that moment.
3. Watching a good horror film or a real bad B film with friends or my guys. Trying to solve a murder mystery and the whole script before it gets to the halfway point.
4. A bunch of daisies in a simple base it even a coffee cup or just a daisy plant – that works too.
5. A goofy card or letter that is handwritten and comes through snail mail. I will even take a folded note passed to me through someone else just like in school.
6.Sitting in the sun and feeling the breeze blow across my face or wrapped in a sweet embrace of smells of the earth.
7. Playing some music from now to 60’s with a good beat and just dance around without a thought of how it looks. It can be at home, at store or anywhere.

At last but by far not least:
8. To be with my boys and play video games, going to sporting events, play outside or just travel about. This fills my heart with joy!

Now, don’t think I won’t jump on the invite to go clubbing and dance all night long or have coffee or share a meal and have great conversations. And I love to throw a party!!! These things have not changed but I am realizing that the small moments and the little things truly are the moments that fill my soul and remind my how blessed I am with what I have.
My life is not perfect, in fact, it can suck sometimes. I would be crazy to want a perfect life anyway. All the people of my life have a special place and they love me with all my stuff! Thank you God for this life and for letting me be me and not forcing me to grow up. I AM NOT OLD – I AM ALIVE and WILL LIVE THIS LIFE.
Bring On 40 – this crazy bitch is ready for the ride and will wear her tiara the whole way through!

Kisses Y’all