40 Days To 40 Project

I decided that I should do this blog because I will be 40 this year.  And for some reason, it seemed to make sense to do it for just 40 days.  I am really not sure how long this will last.  Meaning, I know I will do the 40 days, but what if I keep going what it it never ends – I honestly can’t imagine anyone wants to read what I have to say but – what the hell. 

I am pretty sure there are people who will read what I have to say about my past and how I view certain things in this world and will not like it.  Oh, well. They can leave this blog and go somewhere else.  And if they feel this need to judge, go ahead because I know that they only judgment that matters – is my Father and God Almighty. So, this page will stay to also help me remember this when I let words start to nip at me.    Those who love me for me will read what I say and maybe comment or say nothing, but they will still love me for me!!

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