Mommy Break and 36 Days To Go

Right now, I am enjoying a little break from the everyday with the boys. My girlfriends and I are in Houston and finding out that their are a whole different set of things we enjoy when away from home.

Going shopping at the mall or honestly anywhere is usually such a chore. Or I go with a super specific agenda and want to get it over with as soon as possible. It is in and out. The only time I enjoy spending time shopping is when Steven and I go to Wal-Mart for our couple time away from the boys. Yes, it’s weird but for some reason it is entertaining. Now, being away from home with no agenda or schedule has been interesting. The girls and I wandered around a farmers market and looked at stuff and tried new foods and laughed about the most random things. Then we decided to hit up the Thrift store. I bopped around singing songs looking at clothes and accessories I might like as well as some that I thought would just be hilarious to wear in public. Now, I would never do this with the boys because it would annoy Dru and he would want his mom to behave. Because I am embarrassing them. I remember when I would feel like that with my mom. Sorry mom – I get it now. You just wanna enjoy shopping and that makes it entertaining. I didn’t care who saw me or what they were thinking I wasn’t hurting anybody and no one was recording me to put in Cyberspace to embarrass my child. Then It was off to the Galleria Mall. We were all hungry and thought we would just the food court and visit H&M (me loves this store) to look around and then leave. Short and sweet! That is not exactly how it went….we had lunch and took our time eating and watching the ice skating. Then we started to make our way to look around for H&M. We ended up stopping in shops that looked different or because we saw a really good sale or one of us would just wander off. Before any of us knew it, 5 hours had passed by and we didn’t even realize it. We decided to hike back to the jeep and head back to the hotel. That never would have happened with the kids.
So, our day started a little later than normal, but without the “mom mom mom mama mommy” to take us in many directions, we still got a ton done and had energy to keep going and go out to the bar. And I did my make up twice in one day!!! I haven’t done that since back in the day when I did it cuz I worked a day job and then a night job and I was doing it at a frantic pace not all nice and chill like I have this weekend. It is the little things that make me happy.
Do I kiss my kids? – yes, just don’t tell them I said that because that might make them use it against me. Just kidding, boys!!
Do I miss my Honey? Um…..yes!
It just sometimes a little mommy break recharges my free spirit and let’s the sillies get out so I don’t explode later.
I head home tomorrow and I am pretty sure I will be back to getting stuff ready for school and starting to pick up from the weekend and try to see what college prep stuff we need to work on this week, but right now I will stay in my little blissful place and maybe get some reading done.

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