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Buffy Slaying Away for 33 More Days

To say that I am a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a bit of an understatement.  Those who know me well know how far this little love has gone.  (Notice how I avoid the word obsession) For those who do not know the joy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here is a brief summary.  It was a series created by the brilliant Joss Whedon and premiered in the Spring of 1997.  The series revolves around a high school girl named Buffy Anne Summers who is the chosen girl for her generation that is gifted to be able to fight vampires and demons by night and deal with teenage drama with an attitude during the day.  And she has a group of friends and frenemies to help along the way.  The series came along when my son was less than 1 and it was a great way to take a break from the every day once a week.

Buffy became the one show that I always watched.  Even when I didn’t have a TV, I would always manage to find a friend who would record it on VHS (you know those things before DVR) and let me and Dru come over to watch.  As the years passed, I started to collect Buffy items and read the books.  I had those things all over our apartment.  Then I got hooked on the comics as well.  In fact, one of the reasons my friends pointed out, that Steven was the one, is that he bought me a Buffy novel that I was waiting for pay day to pick up.  I still keep that book in front of all the others facing out so that I can see it (that is such a girly thing to do).  Dru grew up with Buffy being a staple in our house and when Steven joined our family he reluctantly sat through every episode.  Even the repeats!

Why I love this show is a bit of understanding that it was more than just a girl killing vampires and dealing with demons to me.  The intimate relationships were complicated and friendships were intense.  Buffy’s family situation was confusing and not black and white.  I just found it so oddly comforting at that time in my life.  I would find these deep ideas and metaphors in episodes that I felt were about what was going on in our real world at the time.   And, yes, I DID love that every week there was some demon or vampire that had invaded Sunnydale and Buffy would overcome with so snarky words and cool death scenes.  The music was great and to this day I still get sad when I think about the break up between Buffy and Angel.  I have called my hubby a demon because there was an episode when Buffy is in college and she is convinced her roommate is a demon – why you ask? Because the chick’s nails grow like every day and she has to clip them.  Steven’s nails grow super fast and when he scratches me (by accident!) I accuse him of being a demon.  Makes me laugh and is a bit twisted but he just ignores me.

My love of Buffy has spread to all facets of our lives.  My snake was named Spike.  And I had the coolest females rats named Cordelia and Willow.  And my super sweet princess (a little black and white wired hair terrier mix) is named Buffy Anne.  I named her that because she is a tough little thing and a total survivor.  So to me the name was quite fitting.  Dru loved the character Angel and when he left Sunnydale and got his own spin-off, it was a guaranteed night of mommy/son bonding time.

Now, my youngest son, who was born like 5 years after the show ended, is named Zander and I have had people assume he is named after one of the characters on the show as well.  BUT, I love to point out that the character’s name was actually Alexander and his nickname was Xander.  Z has seen Buffy and while I was pregnant I even watched the entire series start to finish.  There are times now when it is on or I am binge watching that Z will go look for our dog and tell her that she is on TV.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the show or any of the cast.  I have watched every show/ movie that has had someone from the show.  And I discovered the genius of Joss Whedon that I have passed on to my boys.  Buffy is the reason we have watched everything Joss has ever done.  We have found some comedies that had former cast members or tuned into a show that we have never seen just to see form Buffy stars.  I love that any given week I can watch TV and catch a glimpse of something that takes me back to Buffy.  And I look forward to Buffy being around in some form until I actually get old – like 95 years old.  Until then, if I’m sick or need a pick me up, just throw on some Buffy and I am all good.

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