32 Days Away and Wondering about Underoos

underoosWonder Woman Underoos were the underwear of choice when I was about 4 to 5 years old.  I wanted to get up every born and put on why my Underoos and transform to Wonder Woman.  I knew that I was supposed to be an Amazon woman and when I grew up I would chase down the bad guy and use my lasso of truth on them.  Underoos were AMAZING!  I remember other friends, boys and girls talking about what which Underoos then owned and which were our favorites.  The one thing that annoyed me then was that I wanted to wear some of the Underoos made for boys.  As the years passed, I still longed to wear those super cool Underoos. Every now and then, while shopping, I would stumble across them and noticed that new looks and designs would come along.  Eventually, I had my own kids and wanted them to have those moments of being their favorite super hero.  Let their imagination go wild as they ran around the house saving the world and stopping the evil villains of the world.  Find them in the underwear section of the store for boys was pretty easy in the late 90’s when my oldest was small.  He preferred Batman and would submerge himself into the alter ego of Bruce Wayne.  Again, I would reminisce about myself feeling invincible in my own Underoos.  Then came son number 2.  When he hit the age for Underoos, my husband and I noticed that they were hard to find.  I wanted my youngest to enjoy the same excite and wonder that the rest of had in our childhood.  I would check every undewear department that we came upon.  Where had Underoos vanished to? 

I took to the internet and started some research and read that production of Underoos were stopping.  REALLY?!?!  The only thing I could do now was starting hunting online for those who were charging more after the news or pray that a pair in just the right size fall from the sky.  Let the miracle happen!  okay, it wasn’t exactly a miracle that happened, but I was pretty exciting when I finally spotted some Underoos.  My in-laws had taken my family and I on the local military base to do some shopping.  As was now a habit, I wandered over to the boys underwear department and there they were.  A pair of actual Underoos.  One package and in just the right size and on clearance to boot.  I did a little happy dance and told my hubby.  Z would get to experience Underoos.  I know this seems crazy but their are few things that I can share with my boys that are exactly the same as when I was a kid.  He loved his Underoos!  The sad part was that there weren’t anymore.  Now, I have shared with friends how much I loved Underoos and that I would wear them to this day if I could.  This is where the whole growing up can come into question.  Does a grown woman really need to wear Underoos?  At what point should the matching underwear stop?  Actually never!  Woman can wear matching underwear our who lives if we want.  Whether you get you stuff at Wal-Mart or Victoria Secret or Agent Provocateur, woman still wearing matching underwear.  Now they looks and styles vary and most women are looking to wear a cami matching their panties, but many like their bras to match.  Well, someone somewhere must have been thinking the same as me about still wanting to don their Underoos as an adult. 

This past Christmas, my “big sister” (not by blood but by spirit) got me the most fantastic present….Adult Wonder Woman Underoos!!!  I was so excited I wanted to explode like a 9 year old on Christmas Day.  Turns out that Hop Topic has started to make Underoos for adults.  The designs are a little different and the styles seem to be focused on DC Comic characters for women and for guys their are DC and Masters of the Universe ones.  I love my Underoos again!  The first time I wore them, my little one came into the bedroom and said “Mom! You are a super hero.  Guess what, I am too! I have on Spider-man underwear. Do you think Daddy and Buh Buh are wearing some too?”  I can’t lie it made my heart happy…

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