30 Days and Favorite Phrases

I was sitting in a public setting and listening to people talk.  And of course, people watching!  I heard two guys talking and one said to the other, “hey, that’s what she said” and the other guy just laughs.  My first thought was – “do people still say that?” and then I started thinking about some of the phrases I would use on a regular basis.  There are those sayings that where trendy and then the ones that got picked up at some random place and they just stuck for a limited time.

I actually have one word that I used so often I am sure it almost drove my dad insane. LIKE!  There is a whole generation that did not know how to have a conversation without throwing the phrase LIKE into it.  Example: So like the other day, I like totally saw this hot guy and like almost died!  And the dramatic touch was usually thrown in for effect.  I must have “like almost died” daily.  I have lived in Texas my whole life.  So why is it there was a valley girl phase in my past?  The like phase started not too long after the valley girl phase.  My valley girl wasn’t as extreme as the main character in the movie “Valley Girl” but it could definitely be annoying. 

As I have gotten older, I catch myself using certain phrases.  I recently noticed that after giving my opinion on something, I will finish it with “I’m just saying”. I guess picking up or using certain phrases is a habit I haven’t been able to shake.  I do not think it is such a problem that I need an intervention or go through some kind of “recovery process” but I would be okay with those who are closest to me to point out when I get stuck on a phrase.

There are two phrases that I only use in email and letter writing (yes, I still enjoy snail mail).  And these will stick , do not ask me to quit using them.  They are KISSES or KISSES AND WISHES.  To me, it is they way I let my happy light shine out to you all in this great big world.  Think about some of your favorite phrases that slip into your everyday conversations or terms you use frequently.  Here are a couple more:

You know what I mean, ya know what I am saying, As if, what the, you’re killing me sweets, just chillin

So, have a great day and laters dudes!

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