24 Days To Go and Yep, I Was MIA

Instagram pic collageSoooo I have been out of check for several days and I am so bummed out about it.  What I thought was just a cough from typical allergies at this time of year quickly turned into a crappy and annoying cough.  I finally had to give in and take myself to the ER.  Turns out the now overwhelming hacking and coughing had transformed into full blown pneumonia!!!  Gross and yucky……I hate being sick.  Over the weekend, I was still convinced it was just bad allergies, maybe at the most a sinus infection, so I went to a Casino Night fundraiser to support a wonderful friend and helped a friend teach to the kids at our church.  I thought missing a couple of days blogging was at the most a my bad and all the thoughts flooding my head would eventually make their way on the laptop screen.  Now, many days have passed and I have so many things to say and share and not being online made me realize that spilling some of my life online for the world to read is such a release.  So for those who have been reading – thanks.  I am sharing whatever God has placed on my heart and some of it so far has been funny, some of it touching and some of it a little hard to say but true.  All I know is that this is the Real Me – and for those who take me as I am – thanks for being in my life.  For those who don’t know me but have been reading along, I pray that this gives you some insight into someone else’s life and maybe shines some extra light into your day.

I am still under the weather and doing my best to get better as soon as possible.  I did get a great delivery from the DHL guy the other day.  Underoos read a previous blog and gifted myself and my guys each a pair of Underoos.  So, occasionally you might run into a little Spider-man, teen Batman, daddy Captain America or me as my crazy alter-ego Harley Quinn.  And to all my soon to be 40 somethings out there – 40 is gonna be one hell of a ride and I look forward to doing it with all of you dressed in your Underoos (hint hint about your possible b-day gift).

So I say peace out and kisses and wishes to you all!

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